On April 6th 2017 Prof. Greidanus was invited for a Dialogue session with Mr. Bert Pauli, Vice Commissioner of the King of the Province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. The topic was: Brabant and China: trade-partners?

The Dialogue was part of a 10-day series of events in the library of Den Bosch, Capital of the Province of Noord-Brabant focusing on China. The total session consisted of two Dialogues of 30 minutes with an intermezzo by Mr. Jasper Delisse, new business director of We-R-Asia and a discussion with students from Den Bosch. The first Dialogue focused on the history of the relation between Brabant and the Province of Jiangsu in China and the role of Royal Philips. The second session focused on trade and investment opportunities. The business climate in China was discussed including intellectual property rights protection. Overall a very positive picture of the opportunities between the provinces was depicted and after an engaging discussion with the audience the Dialogue was concluded.